about jill


311GRAPHICS was founded by Jill Leonard McAmis in 2004. We are a design studio dedicated to providing elegant yet artistic designs available world wide to all types of businesses from boutiques, photographer, salons to anything beauty and style. We have had the honor of working with so many diverse and amazing clients. We are driven by the client's "thrill of excitement" seeing their design process come to pass.


It all started in my sandbox. I love fashion, I love to create, dream and be on the beach, the ocean runs through my veins.  I adore designing beautiful things that bring people a good feeling from it!


I truly love my job, I get to work with my husband and meet  so many fun, great people. I love what I do.  why 311?  no, not the band - although...  I love them!

I see this number everywhere... so voila!


(and bless my husband's heart, he has to put up with all my girly designs)

the ultimate golden girl

{ this is chloe, my soulmate. }